Sample Application for bill installment

Here are sample easy formats of utility bills installment. Everyone can use these formats.

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Sample Application for Bill Installment


The Sub Divisional Officer,
Electric Company .

Respected Sir,

With due reverence and respect to higher authority, I am writing this letter as a request to convert my electric bill into three installments. This is to inform you that I don’t belong from higher or elite class, therefore, it is not easy for me to afford the bill and pay it in one go. I have huge family of 7 members and I am the sole earner of the family. Recently, I lost my job and I am unable to afford the expenses of the house. Life has been really tough since I have lost my job, it is not easy to run with the pace of the world when you are unemployed. Unemployment is a curse to the person who have 7 stomachs to feed on by his own.  This is my genuine request to higher authorities to please accommodate with my condition and convert my electricity bill into three installments so I can pay it easily.

Application for Bill Installment

Head of PTCL Department.

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Daniel Ian and I am writing this application to convert my telephonic bill into three installments. Actually, I am entrepreneur and I have set my own desk in home as a little call center and I am providing services to the people in my country by the source of my home. I have hired many people to do this work along with me. As you can have an idea that my work mode is totally telephonic base so the bill that I receive is usually more than I estimate. For that, I would like to request to my bill company, PTCL to please make this business easy for me by converting this into three installments. It is the start of my business so I don’t have enough money for the payment. I really hope that you would consider my application.

Yours Sincerely,


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