Application for Registration of Business Name

Sample application for registration of company name, company items, NTN, certification, import/export of new business. Board of Directors, Management, Individual etc  can use these formats for company’s registration in market as per need.

Application for Registration of Business Name


The President,

Lahore Chamber of Commerce.

Lahore, Pakistan.

Dear Sir,

This application is directed to the Germany Business Register for patenting the business name of the Bakery. I am Mr. John Abraham and I have started my setup in one of the eminent Mall of Berlin. Firstly, I initiated my business as an entrepreneur and worked full hours on my bakery from home and social media. With passage of time, I got a good following and demands of my cookies, pastries, cupcakes and cakes got higher and higher. I have enough money to start my business and start selling it in the market. Now, as I have taken the place in the Mall of Berlin now I need to register my business name to the state business Registry. I have decided to name
my business “House of Chocolate”. I would be very grateful to you if you approve my registration of business name.

War Regards,


Request Letter for Company Registration

Respected Madam,

With due reverence, I am jotting down this application to request for the registration of business name. I want to elucidate here that my name is Mr. Kim Loren and I have a business of jewelry. I have been doing in on social media for many weeks now. As the success of the
business is outstanding and unsurpassed so I am pleased to tell you that I want to get the legal rights of my business name in an appropriate legal way. I want to go with the name “Fancy gem stones” for my startup as it had been my un-registered trademark. As it would be a patent name, I want you to register my business name in Australia Business register. I also want to register for ABN. I hope that my request gets approved soon. I will be really thankful to you.

Yours Truly,


Sample Application format for Company Registration


The Business Registration Department,

United Kingdom.

Subject: Request from Authority Department for Company Registration

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect and acclaimed, I am writing this application to request for registration of my business name. As I have been using my business trademark, it is the right time to register my business name with Canada business registration. My business is of selling new car parts.
As, I have decided the place to establish and run my business. I want to get the business name in legal ways. I want to name my startup as “John’s and Smith’s”. As in the Canada, this slogan indicates about the car parts. I want to register for this business name.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Lunna Singh

Application for Business Name Registration

Respected Concern Person,

With high esteem and regard, it is requested that please approve my registration of business name and ABN. I want to inform the state legally that I want to apply for legal business name so I can initiate my startup in the market. I have accounting business and I want to go with the “Jackson Consulting”. I have searched enough and there is no business name entry before on this name so legally I would be the patent. As this name does not go with my surname so I have to take its separate Business registration. I hope that I get approval soon.

Waiting your positive feedback.




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