Application for Grant of New Business

Application for Grant of New Business


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The General Manager,

The Investor Pvt Ltd

Subject: Grant Request

Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that I have studied BS Engineering, doing a great job in technical center but as things are developing more I have also started to look out for ideas to pave way for success. I have been thinking of opening my own start up for too long. I have made a product which can charge the mobile phone without a wire. My product is totally technology based and could be a big hit if introduced properly. I have studied engineering so I have discussed my idea with a lot of people and they have given me go ahead. I have prototype made, all I need is money to start my business so I can run it on large scale. My prototype has been discussed in my university seminars as I present it. I have also sent the application of making it a “patent product”. I believe that my idea is for long term and can be successful if I start working on it and introduce it to the mass public.  For this sole purpose, I need grant to make it all work. I want some money so I can introduce my product with more confidence. In order to increase the supply later on, I will need investors but before that to present the idea to investors, I need grant to start my own setup. Many people have applied for grants from this incubation center for their set up and they are now running their business like restaurants on big scale. I need the grant as soon as possible so my product idea could be patent and not stolen by anyone with more money. I will be very grateful to you, if you consider my application and send it into incubation center as soon as possible. Thank you.

Yours Truly,


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