Application for Asking Diwali Bonus

Sample easy format of  bonus request. These templates can be used by people who want to apply for getting bonus from the company.

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Application for Asking Diwali Bonus


The Manager,

Elmetec Pvt Ltd.

Respected Sir,

With due reverence, I am writing to request for Diwali bonus. It is the time of the year for Diwali bonus for employees. The occasion is just in couple of days and we have not received any e-mail of Diwali bonus from the company yet. We all are anxiously waiting for Diwali bonus.
As you are very well aware that Diwali is just not the name of festival but it brings the change of environment and happiness. Therefore, it is very important for us to meet and greet all the family members which in one way or another increases the spending. Therefore, please grant us Diwali bonus as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Zeerak Sharma

Sample Easy Format for Diwali Bonus

Respected Sir,

I am happy to know the huge success of company this year. Our company has made huge profit this year which has been possible due to uncountable efforts of the employees. All team leaders have worked very hard so the projects could be pitched on time with success. I am very delighted by the news because our hard work paid off. I have a request to make at this good time for company. As you are familiar that Diwali festival is approaching soon, therefore, it
would be very easy for all of the employees to receive Diwali bonus at the end of the year. Thank you.

Yours Truly,


Diwali Bonus Request from Employee

Dear Sir,

As the holiday season is approaching and final projects are winding up on allocated times, it is my privilege to be working with such a potential and sharp team that we managed to finish the final project before holiday in confined time and budget. I have always demonstrated my full potential at work. Therefore, I believe that it would be right time to ask for Diwali bonus. It has been a very good year for company as it had managed to take many clients. So, hereby, Diwali brings more delightedness in the atmosphere. I would be very glad if you grant me Diwali bonus on the basis of occasion and also considering my efforts.

Warm Regards,

Mehta Sharma

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