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Sample Invitation Letter to Embassy for Ambassador 

Sample invitation letter to embassy for ambassador of other countries. Extending gifts of good words and keeping the relations with others are key to success in life. This phenomenon went even on higher pedestal when it comes to relationships with other countries. Embassy plays an important role in providing the platform for other ambassadors and such notes of gratitude should be sent from time to time.

Sample Invitation Letter to Embassy for Ambassador

The Embassy,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Invitation to embassy for ambassador of other countries

Respected Sir,

Greetings! Ambassadors are akin to our family members and must be put in high position. This is the gist of my thinking and being an ambassador myself I am very well aware of the needs and types of issues popped up in apparently smooth sailing boat of upheavals of politics and diplomacy.

I am here on job of informing you in connection with the high profile meeting that is supposed to hold in Ukraine earlier, but due to certain unforeseen reasons the committee decided to shift the conference place to USA. With this shift the whole scheme changed from scratch and this valued office is held responsible for inviting the ambassadors of other countries as listed in the enclosed document with their official address and contact numbers.

On inviting them, let them inform in writing on what type of cuisine they wish, type of room they need to stay in and the unanimous time fit for the meeting and what material they need to deliver and what sources they need to present their view point upon their arrival in United States of America. For your prompt and timely action, I will be thankful to you in this regard.
Best Regards,
Mr. Jacquard Ferry,
1 st October, 2017.

Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Sample Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony in order to invite your teachers/friends/mates etc.  This invitation letter template can be used to invite people on graduation ceremony, party or even convocation. Easy format is provided below.

Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Mr. James Steve,
Professor Yale University.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Dear Professor,

I hope that you’ll be in best of your health. I am pleased to write and let you know about my graduation ceremony which is in the first week of this month i.e. 5th Jan, 2017. I am flabbergasted to know that I will be awarded with a medal in my batch. Sir, all that I am now, I owe this to you. You have done intense hard-work with me and for me thus making my success possible. I want to invite you on this big day of mine. All I want is your kind presence there.

Sir, I understand that you are bus with your schedule but I would be obliged enough if you can make it happen. Please take out some time to come along me. I want you to be there as I dedicate my success to you, truly. I hope that you’ll surely ponder upon my words. Thanking you now and ever.

Best Regards,

Simi Kevin
Contact: 000-000-000


Sample Invitation Letter for Graduation Party

Dear James Kim,

I am glad to inform you that I had my convocation last week and I have planned my graduation party with my beloved family friends this weekend. I want you to join me that day along with your family. We’ll have a re-union as well as it is a great chance for us all to meet since we were planning it for many days. I cordially invite you to join me and my family for this party. I don’t want you to get into formalities, just be there with your cheerful personality. The invitation card is attached with the letter.  I shall be happy to see you.

Warm Regards,

Simi Kevin
Contact: 000-000-000

Invitation Letter to Donors

Sample invitation letter to donors of an NGO (Non profitable) for a conference.The current era is a hallmark in online business and skype conferences are frequent in such meetings. The heads who wanted to convey their agenda of meetings to their respective donors can opt to use this format as is designed for such dealings.

Sample Invitation Letter to Donors of an NGO for a Conference

The Vice President,
Wellbeing Humanity Corporation and Trust.
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Invitation letter to donors of an NGO (Non profitable) for a conference

Respected Faculty Member!

Hope you will be sailing in good boat of health, wealth and mental as well as physical prosperity. My all the best wishes and solemn prayers are with you and the people under your command. The reason of my sketching this draft to you in nick of time is hark of mighty works and targets that we are supposed to meet in the coming couple of weeks.

Let me tell you the agenda points first, so that your member must come prepared with the stuff needed in the conference meeting hall. Kindly note the following points:

1. Recent diaries
2. Audio tapes and CDs
3. Accounts files/annual newsletter
4. Recent files of annual report/balance sheet
5. Flash drives/documentaries

I am unable to come straight physically to the meeting area as I am busy in a mission abroad, so I decided to get to you people via skype. Please do make sure the presence of each and every faculty member of yours as the nature of work is alarming and could not be disclosed earlier. Hope you will understand. Thankyou.

Stay blessed,

Mr. Macbeth Iago.
16 th May, 2016.

Invitation Letter to Parents from School

Sample format of invitation letter to parents from school on Annual Sports Day.Celebrations are always a feast to cherish and if it comes to annual sports day then the saga of enjoyment and thrill captured both the child and the parents! Such events are part and parcel of any educational institute and are encouraged worldwide. Such format can be used by schools who wanted to impart an impression on their stakeholders.

Sample Invitation Letter to parents from School

The parent of Mr. Joes Scarlet,
Cascades school of highs,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Invitation letter to parents from school on Annual Sports Day

Respected parents,

We are honoured to have your son as a precious gem of ours school and we are also delighted to have such esteemed and valuable parents like you in our school. With your cooperation, trust and confidence we are what we wanted to be in the starting years of this school! Without your concern and contribution, our baby school will not have known to this adult hood. We humbly appreciate your prestigious self in our school.

This time is high fever time of sports in almost all the schools and we are feeling proud enough to announce that we had also dared to arrange our very first Annual Sports Day which is a cocktail of mixed and varied games and performances. We want your presence in the scenario to make the event even greater.

We hope from the depth of our hearts that you will definitely enjoy the efforts that our young students and teachers had put in to inspire you. Kindly do come. Thankyou.

Ms. Shonale
14 th May, 2016

Invitation Letter for Baby Shower

Sample format of Invitation Letter for Baby Shower. Arranging and organizing Baby Showers and such other events before and after wedding is emerging as a trend. As the trend is growing up the way to invite the loved and close ones should have to be more trendy as well. Simple and easy format of invitation letter for baby shower is provided below.

Sample Invitation Letter for Baby Shower


Mr. and Mrs. Lord with Entire Family.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Baby Shower

Respected Family Members,

We ‘The Dean’s Family’ is cordially pleased and utterly glad to inform you about the Baby Shower of our princess ‘Sarah Dean’. This moment is of highest joy and we are extremely exited to organize the first ever baby shower at our place and for this we are impatiently waiting for prayers and presence of generous and loving people exactly like you.Your family has always been a supportive hand of ours and stood by us in every thick and thin.

Most importantly, Its been a long time since our last get together was organized. All of us are desperately waiting for your kind presence as well. We have hired the stunning photographers and relish food with beautiful decors, to male it a memorable one. Entire arrangements are taken under charge of Mr. James Dean and he has made sure that every thing should be up to the mark.

We hope you will join us for sure and make our shower the brightest and awesome. The timings for Baby Shower are from 4pm to 10pm on 2nd March, 2016. The venue is the front lawn of our house.

Looking forward for your cheerful presence!

Yours Truly,

Mr. and Mrs. Dean James
Contact: 000-000-000
Date: 5th Feb, 2016

Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party

Sample format of  invitation letter to surprise party.Surprises are pleasant everywhere and people who wanted to show their love for their loved ones can opt for this letter format. Necessary changes can be done.

Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party

The dearest Aunt Jenny Swift,
Street no. 6, West Avenue,
Leeds, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of invitation to surprise party

My Loveliest Aunt,

How are you? I hope you will be happy and contended in your peaceful life. Loads of happiness and payers on your way. Now I am coming direct to the point….yummy! You know our lives over here are too dull and boring so we, infect, I decided to arrange a surprise party of get-to-gather at my friends’ home but it is solely for my blood relations. Her home was vacant so the fantastic idea of party popped up in my creative mind!

Through this party I wanted to shed the thick linings of monotony of our busy, busy and busy life. Sigh! Well, I don’t want to move in the old rotten picture of life once again, by remembering it! In the party I go for orchid flower decoration in the main hall and yellow flowers at the outer side of the orchids. I always love the combination of white and yellow. In the dinner, I went straight for traditional cuisine, as the heavenly taste is forgotten by us from the time unknown to me at least.

As this is a surprise party so I expect a complete secrecy at your part. Do not share the information at your home as well, please. Do come with your whole family. Regards.

Yours Beloved,
Tom Surrey,
March 5, 2016

Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party
Invitation Letter Format of Surprise Party

Invitation Letter for Birthday Party

Sample format of invitation letter for birthday party. Birthday celebration simply means to value the person in ones’ life. This easy format can be used for the people who wanted to share the boom of happiness with their dears.

Sample Invitation Letter for Birthday Party

Mr. Charles Huges,
Class in charge of 9th grade.
Beacon House School,

London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Letter of Invitation for Birthday Party

Respected Sir,

You are truly Honourable and highly valued by our whole family. You are a source of inspiration for my young child moving towards his adolescence. It is happiest time for both the parents and the teachers when they see their child taking
forward steps in their bright looking future!

I am responsible for his worldly needs but it is you who nurture his personality and develop him a sound person with stable mind with the help of knowledge and the mastery of your learned skills. We are humbly requesting your much appreciated presence in the birthday party of my son and your student. We had arranged a time for the party after carefully calculating your schedule so that you can feel free and at peace of mind before advancing your steps towards our humble residence.

We had arranged a wide range of different varieties of snacks, drinks, food items and sweets in the birthday party. It would be a pleasure for all of our family if you will grace the occasion. Do not bother if you get late for the party, we will wait and delay the cutting of cake moment but your inclusion is a must thing.
Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. and Ms.John Beckitt
March 5, 2016.

Sample Invitation Letter to Birthday Party
Sample Invitation Letter to Birthday Party

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest for Annual Sports Day. If any organization of institution have to arrange any particular ceremony or function and have to invite Chief Guest, for this purpose an official letter is to be send. Letter should contain the purpose of invitation long with all the necessary details of timings and venue. An easy format  to invite chief guest for sports day function is provided below.

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Mr. Stephen James
The President,
Cambridge Sports Club.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Annual Sports Day

Dear Stephen,

We are really pleased to inform you about the ‘Annual Sports Day’ of Convent School System. This day is celebrated every year on 5th January in our school and students from every branch participate in it. We make this day special and aware the students and other members of society by pin pointing the importance of sports in our life. The excitement of students is also on peak, as they have come to know that we are going to invite Mr. Stephen James as Chief Guest on this bright and promising day.

Everyone knows that you are a person full of valor and enthusiasm. What you can brief the audience, no one else can. We request for you kind presence on 5th January, 2016 at 9 am in British Sports Complex. It would be a sort of pleasure for us, for students and for tutors as well. We are aware that you may have other priorities but taking out some hours from your precious time would be more than enough. All the necessary details about the program are attached with the letter. If you’ll come, this gesture will support all the players of our school which are playing are national level as well.

Our purpose is to broaden and to en-light the concept of sports among children and the upcoming youth. We have also invited other worthy personalities and your presence as Chief Guest would make it distinguished and admirable. We hope that you will definitely give us some time. We are seeking for your kind presence.

Thanking You.


Dr. Kim Kellen
Vice Chancellor
Convent School System.

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest
Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Sample Admiration Letter Format for Farewell Party to Employee. Such easy format can be used by public who wished to say some good words and share nice feelings in shape of Farewell party to their leaving fellow/employee/teacher/worker etc beings.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Mrs. Shamitabh Sahaye

From the
Teaching staff
Jasmine Middle school for Girls.

Subject: Farewell Party to Employee

Our very own sweetest ever Madam,

On your leaving the educational station from here we are very much grieve because in shape of you we will be deprived from a cheerful, loyal and above all the charismatic personality! No doubt the loss is great and heavy but for our happiness, we are much concerned!

In your honour we had arranged a farewell party and with this party we will ooze out the last but lasting memories of intimacy which we will in time to come will share. You are requested to grace the occasion at 9:00 pm sharp at Maldives Hotel, Sanathun Nager. Wear the perfect attire for the event and gather our warm wishes on the night of Monday! Hope to
see you soon.

Principal and staff
Mr. Ajay Sharma
December,15, 2015

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter
Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools

Sample Format Letter of Invitation of Award Ceremony to Schools by Head Office. Appreciations are the things that propel the individual towards mighty sky. It not only boasts up the confidence level in the individuals but also polishes their attitude in the most positive way. Award ceremonies are one such appreciation stockade where best are awarded with incentives and prizes. This format letter can be used for inviting the teachers in specially in award ceremony.

Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools

Head Office
Main Secretariat Block
Director Training Head
AGS for Girls School.
PDN for Boys School.
SSGM School Systems.
Ritual Dais Frontier School.

New Delhi, India.

Subject: Award Ceremony Shedule to Schools by Head Office

Dear Principals,

We hope sound health from you all! Award ceremony is always held by the Director Education Training head every year. The purpose behind is to appreciate the teachers who achieved excellence in their respective subjects and to motivate other teachers to do even more hard work for achieving the excellence which is conditioned to Awards! It’s a happy face day for all as the Head Office include many but quality parodies, songs, skits and tableau in order to make the audience lively an involved. This year too we want a list of following categories from your respective schools:

1. 2 Nominees of award receiving from pre wing
2. 2 Nominees of award receiving from junior wing
3. 2 Nominees of award receiving from middle wing
4. 2 Nominees of award receiving from senior wing
5. 1 parody on any song
6. 2 skits with subtle humour
7. 1 tribute song to Head Office
8. 2 tableau
9. 2 comperes with impressive voices
10. Children for national anthem.

We hope a cooperative compliance at your end. The deadline of the entries is 20th November.

Best Regards
Mr. Ram Deavanund

Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools
Invitation Letter of Award Ceremony to Schools