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Chief Guest speech for Internship Programme

Chief Guest speech for opening ceremony of internship programme. Prompt and appealing words are the key notes of any speech and especially the wishing addresses of the chief guest. This format can be used by persons who wanted to mark their impression on public by the words they utter.

Chief Guest speech for Internship Programme

Respected administration, cooperative staff and worthy audience of internees/volunteers

Hello from my side and a very good day for now and ahead of you! It is no matter an immense pleasure to see the programme arranged to encourage the internees so that they might feel elevated to share their knowledge and energies with others through their work and performance! It is a good step towards self-development as well as social development on which the pillars of any nation stand steadily.

I usually do not attend the social ceremonies as by nature I am a lonely person but when I received the invitation from this organization and for internees I cancelled my all other official assignment and gladly came over here. The only reason behind my coming over here is you….internees! You are the young blood of our nation and it is you who are going to step in our shoes in the time to come!

Keeping you circulated the reasonable amount of motivation and encouragement is very much needed and I came to play my part of being catalyst for your goodness and higher morale.

I hope you will perform your duties very well and enjoy in the congenial atmosphere of this organization so far your stay over here with them. My best regards and wishes are always with you. May God bless you all.


Chief Guest speech for Internship Programme
Chief Guest speech for Internship Programme

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest for Annual Sports Day. If any organization of institution have to arrange any particular ceremony or function and have to invite Chief Guest, for this purpose an official letter is to be send. Letter should contain the purpose of invitation long with all the necessary details of timings and venue. An easy format  to invite chief guest for sports day function is provided below.

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Mr. Stephen James
The President,
Cambridge Sports Club.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Annual Sports Day

Dear Stephen,

We are really pleased to inform you about the ‘Annual Sports Day’ of Convent School System. This day is celebrated every year on 5th January in our school and students from every branch participate in it. We make this day special and aware the students and other members of society by pin pointing the importance of sports in our life. The excitement of students is also on peak, as they have come to know that we are going to invite Mr. Stephen James as Chief Guest on this bright and promising day.

Everyone knows that you are a person full of valor and enthusiasm. What you can brief the audience, no one else can. We request for you kind presence on 5th January, 2016 at 9 am in British Sports Complex. It would be a sort of pleasure for us, for students and for tutors as well. We are aware that you may have other priorities but taking out some hours from your precious time would be more than enough. All the necessary details about the program are attached with the letter. If you’ll come, this gesture will support all the players of our school which are playing are national level as well.

Our purpose is to broaden and to en-light the concept of sports among children and the upcoming youth. We have also invited other worthy personalities and your presence as Chief Guest would make it distinguished and admirable. We hope that you will definitely give us some time. We are seeking for your kind presence.

Thanking You.


Dr. Kim Kellen
Vice Chancellor
Convent School System.

Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest
Sample Invitation Letter to Invite Chief Guest

Invitation Letter for Guest of Honour


Honourable Guest,

You are cordially invited to the 6th edition of FORMUN 2018, held from 24th to 27th January 2018 at ————–, India. This year we promise a string of eventful and engaging days, with compelling debates and enchanting socials and Social Responsibility Program and would be honored to host you for our memorable event Social Responsibility Program on 27th of January. Here at FORMUN,
we take great pride in catering to our guests needs and we hold this momentous responsibility with the greatest of care. Our litany of programs are testament to our determination to provide a wholesome and remarkable experience for you. Your attendance would only add grandeur to the event. Awaiting your arrival.

Secretary General
Nohan Gupta

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Sample Admiration Letter Format for Farewell Party to Employee. Such easy format can be used by public who wished to say some good words and share nice feelings in shape of Farewell party to their leaving fellow/employee/teacher/worker etc beings.

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Mrs. Shamitabh Sahaye

From the
Teaching staff
Jasmine Middle school for Girls.

Subject: Farewell Party to Employee

Our very own sweetest ever Madam,

On your leaving the educational station from here we are very much grieve because in shape of you we will be deprived from a cheerful, loyal and above all the charismatic personality! No doubt the loss is great and heavy but for our happiness, we are much concerned!

In your honour we had arranged a farewell party and with this party we will ooze out the last but lasting memories of intimacy which we will in time to come will share. You are requested to grace the occasion at 9:00 pm sharp at Maldives Hotel, Sanathun Nager. Wear the perfect attire for the event and gather our warm wishes on the night of Monday! Hope to
see you soon.

Principal and staff
Mr. Ajay Sharma
December,15, 2015

Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter
Sample Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO

Sample Thanks Letter Format for visit to NGO.Thanksgiving letters of this kind can be used by persons willing to show their deep respect and the feeling of how much they are honoured to have them guest at their prime locations. Attitude of gratitude is the most refined of all the manners. By thanking others one simply show how much one felt honour to receive the cherished guests’ arrival. On prized occasions the thanksgiving letter writing is a good tradition as it carries with it good relations, better image-buildings and ultimately treasured reputation among the people in any working organization.

Sample Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO

Finance Minister
New Delhi, India.

Highly valued Sir,

We hope you are sailing in an eternal boat of health and peace and we pray the same for you for whole of your life. Sir I am a very humble and down-to-earth person and I cannot express my joy on your kind arrival to my newly started NGO setup. The moment was the most joyous one for me and I am very much thankful to for gracing the occasion.

You not only came to our organization but you very graciously and generously granted us the monthly funding of rupee one million! It was an exemplary act sir.I, together with my staff members salute you for your munificence. We are brimmed with gratification and will pray for you for whole of our lives. As a token of thanks we are sending you a bouquet of roses and some household items and very small gifts to your family. Kindly accept my mirthful thanks once again and please do spare time for visiting our NGO in times to come because we always need your support for our worthy cause.

Thanking you.

Your  Faithfully,

Mr. Devanand Muray
President of Trust NGO.

Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO
Thanks Letter Format for Visit to NGO

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest

Sample Format of Thanks Letter for Chief GuestThis sample format is good to keep one’s self in good books of others as it opens up the the doors of friendships and mellow relationships. With the simple token of thanksgiving the image building leaps up on the ladder of success and relationship on good terms. It can be used by any person for the thanksgiving purpose. Easy format is here you your convenience.

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample


To-Chief Guest Name_________

Subject: Thanks Letter to Chief Guest for Attending  Restaurant Inauguration Ceremony

With the help of Almighty, prayers of my well-wishers including parents, friends and family, skate holders and your close cooperation I became an owner of the newly inaugurated restaurant that stood for the sumptuous and quality maintenance that is most needed in nowadays world of fraud and soulless business arcades.

People were getting sick or even died of serious ailments because of eating unhygienic food normally worm-stricken, fouled-smell and cooked Seeing the sufferings of my people and the harmful and tragic consequences of eating and devouring the malicious food I decided to open up a restaurant of my own and promised to serve my nation with quality and quantity not compromised on health issues at any cost. The food items and deals that we present in the restaurant are: Continental Dishes, Italian cuisine, Russian and Chinese food, special shakes oozed out of fresh fruits, flavoured ice creams, desserts, nicely baked cookies and cakes, pizzas and soft drinks. Special discount offers are also available on Sunday Deals and Family Pack Deals.

You came to the occasion as chief guest and graced my toiles of putting the efforts in making the standardized restaurant. Your arrival was the feast of the day and it doubled the income and prestige of my hotel I am really thankful for your arrival and will be in debt to you for my whole life. Thanks

Yours well-wisher and servant,

Mr. Devanand Droop

Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample
Thanks Letter for Chief Guest Sample

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Inauguration of GYM in Society.This format of letter can be used by all the health freaks who wanted the same health patterns for others on the humane level as the need for healthy fitness is like hot cakes nowadays. Gymnasium is one such thrill that can propel unaware people towards fitness of both mind and body.

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

The Health Minister,

Subject:Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Respected Sir,

I am a humble government servant and currently working in health department of the Pakistan State from the past ten (10) years. In my stay in the health department I noted that people of our country are taking their health for granted and are non-serious about the dark sides of obesity and high level of cholesterol. People are also not positive for most of the time and it is vitally linked with the mental as well as bodily health from authentic scientific research.

I am an inhabitant of a mediocre society and I wanted the people around me to educate themselves with the attributes of health fitness. I was confused at initials about from where to get a start for this sacred service. After much mental work I fatigued out a concept of gymnasium that could serve my purpose.

This gym is equipped with modern day equipments including the expensive treadmills as well. In my gym the rooms are spacious and fully ventilated. Massage rooms are provided with a doctor who will insure the massager with the advance movements of relaxing the body muscles or simply the pressure points.

The gym will also provide the dietary plan and how to lower down the cholesterol levels. I very humbly inviting your esteemed self to come on the scene and inaugurate my little effort. Thankyou.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms.Hunaza John

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration
Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for GYM Inauguration

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Sample Invitation Letter for inauguration of new school branch. This letter format is being used by schools, colleges, academies, tuition centers and universities. Sample Invitation letter to chief guest for inauguration ceremony. You can customize this letter as per your needs by changing the words. Easy format is here.

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Minister of Education
Bombay Upper House, India.

Subject: Invitation Letter as Chief Guest for Inauguration

Honourable Sir,

I am a huge, admirer of your because what you did for our educational system is an epic of all time. Please accept my gratitude that I owe for you. You are a man of letter and in spirit none less than a man of steel. You took radical steps to improve the currently pervading educational system of especially our area. Admiring and watching your efforts closely I muster courage in myself and in the name of Providence decided to open up a new branch of my school system.

I opened this new branch of my school in the area where your highness worked a lot for the development of education at all level and for all. My new branch is of Secondary level. In the school there are 45 rooms, a well-organized computer lab, Fine Arts lab, chemistry lab, Biology lab, physics lab and a library packed meaningfully with quality books both for students and as well as for the teachers.

The school has two grounds, one is for playing and other ground contained swings and assembly dice. In the school there is an airy staff room for the teachers and a fully ventilated principal and vice principal’s office. Waiting area is also reserved
for the visitors. The school includes a First Aid room to benefit the students and teachers with necessary health care at the most.

I humbly invite you as a chief guest to inaugurate the school’s new branch. Complete Program detail is attached with this letter.The timings are 9:00-11:00 am. Kindly come and grace the juncture with your pearly self. Waiting for your positive reply. Thankyou.

Best Regards,
Vijay Patil

October2 0,2015

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration
Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for New School Inauguration

Annual Dinner Invitation Email Sample

Annual Dinner Invitation Letter to all staff members for annual dinner. Below there is a sample of business dinner invitation letter.This invitation from administration to School,Office/Company/Factory staff members. Annual Dinner very important event for professionals. Necessary changes can be done according to need. Easy format of email is here.

Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff

In the name of ALLAH the most merciful the most compassionate.

Asalaam-o-Alaikum Dear Staff members!

We hope you all will be sound in health by all means and be such for your whole lives. Stay blessed ever. School routines are quite tedious a work, no doubt. For the whole year you- as backbone of our institute steadfastly stood in thin and thick with us and fulfilled all the duties assigned to you. We are highly grateful for your cooperation and put more trust in your inborn as well as polished skills and intelligence. Weekends breaks are like delicious cupcakes for all of you people and summer breaks are certainly a tremendous hi-tea with all its charm and charismatic display. Here we are offering our gratitude by inviting your good and highly prized souls on Annual Dinner. Memories are one such thing that never fades and it is said that

Friends are memorie and by throwing a party we are actually stringing the pearls of your memories in the most cherished pearly necklace of yours! All of you are invited and please follow the dress code befitted to your profession. Cuisine is very calculatedly selected keeping in mind the flavours and taste of our highly appreciated staff. No charges are supposed to be taken from you and timings are—–pm to —– pm.

Some safety measures are to be taken by you in favour of your own well-being. We hope compliance from your part. Please bring your original CNIC card and school ID card stripped and hanged in your neck for checking convenience. Have fun and enjoy to your best of mood.



Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff
Annual Dinner Invitation Email to Staff

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Shopping Mall

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Shopping Mall Sample. This letter is for the Chief Guest to invite him on the inauguration ceremony for new shopping mall in Mumbai, India. Format is given below.

Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for Shopping Mall

Dear Sir,

Our new shopping mall is opening next week in Mumbai, India. It is a great honor for us to invite you to this happy event so that you also become a part of our success and happiness. You can also bring friends and your family members along with you to the opening ceremony of our new shopping mall.

We have opened this branch to facilitate our valuable current and potential customers. They were facing a little bit difficulty in going to our main branch in Calcutta so we decided to open a new branch in the largest city Mumbai because it has the largest number of customers who want to go shopping to their nearby malls. This new shopping mall has different brands for ladies garments, cosmetics, shoes, kid’s garments, toys, men’s clothing and shoes and a huge grocery area so that everything is available under one roof.

We will also be providing some gifts to the people who will come in our opening ceremony. There will be fun activities for children so that they spend quality time there. We also promise to deliver best services and products because we believe in high quality and to satisfy our customer’s needs and wants.

We are highly obliged to invite you to this event and your presence will be appreciated. We assure you that you will have a great time there and you will become our regular customer in future. We do not compromise in quality of the product so you will be fully satisfied.



Branch Manager.

Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for Shopping Mall
Inauguration Ceremony Invitation for Shopping Mall

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Farewell Party. Invitation Letter in order to invite Vice Chancellor, Professor, Eminent Person, Popular Personality as Chief Guest in your Welcome or Farewell party or Annual Dinner. Make the letter simple and sophisticated. Mention the date, timings and venue clearly. Templates are given below:

Invitation Letter to Chief Guest for Farewell Party

Date 29th November,2014

Prof. Edward Wilson,
Virologist, Oxford University.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Farewell Party

Dear Sir,

Hope to find you in a good health. The purpose of writing is to inform you regarding the Annual Farewell Party of BS. Microbiology Batch 2010-2014 in University of Aberdeen. This is the most pioneer batch of our institution in the mentioned field. We want to cordially invite you as chief guest in this farewell party. As, you are a symbol of success and inspiration for students. Your presence and thought provoking words will be a source of motivation for them. It would be a huge surprise for them to see you as Chief Guest in between them.

Sir, If you spare some precious time and come to this pioneer farewell party we shall be honored. The decided date is 4th December, 2014 on Wednesday. Timings are from 7 pm to 10 pm as per university schedule and venue is University Auditorium.

The management and students are extremely excited to hear the positive response from your side. You have always supported us and We hope that you will also not refuse us in this regard. We understand your busy routine but few moments for us will be evergreen. We shall wait for your reply.

With Warm Regards,

Prof. Kile John
Dean of Department Microbiology.
University of Aberdeen.

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest

Date: 7th December,2014

The Vice Chancellor,
Punjab University.

Subject: Invitation Letter for Farewell Party

Dear Sir,

Hope to find you in best condition of your health. I am writing to inform you regarding the Farewell Party of M-phil Biochemistry Batch 2012-2014. The management has decided the date 20th December, 2014 on Friday. The decided Venue is University Hostel Ground. Sir, all preparations are at its peak and students are taking part with much enthusiasm. In this auspicious moment your kind presence as a Chief Guest will make the evening glamorous.

Kindly, make out some time and appear in between us all as a Honorable Chief Guest. This will enhance the privilege of our event and will make the event more sophisticated. Timings are from 8 pm to 10 pm. We acknowledge your hectic routine but without your presence and your motivational speech our function will be incomplete.

We hope that you will not disappoint the students and management. It would also be a sort of pleasure for the departing batch. We guess so that you will keep the excitement of students high and be there. It would be our immense pleasure.

With Kind Regards,

Prof. Ali Khan.
Dean of Department Biochemistry.
Punjab University.

Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest
Sample Invitation Letter to Chief Guest