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Request Letter for Changing an Order

Request letter for changing an order from customer. Making choices and then breaking them is a human nature as rules are meant to break. The replacement procedure is either due to the faulty design or the faded colour or both. The online stores extend the facility of replace and return policy that accommodate their business rating and customer satisfaction. This letter can be used by persons who wanted to replace the products they bought.

Request Letter for Changing an Order

The Manager
Steel mills and craft industry
Mumbai, India

Subject: Request of Changing an Order from Customer

Respected sir,

It is to state with much humility that I am Mr. Chauhan Tara and recently purchased a big stock of Spanish tiles for my house which is in process of construction. I wanted to take the entire stock of tiles and my wife also wanted to have the Spanish tiles, but in another colour as she is going to pay the amount. I resign my choice and favoured her as he is all in all in my home and if you are married you can very well imagine and understand my state apart from joke.

I had ordered the same tiles, but in orange colour this time and I hope it will not bother you as it fits in your return and change policy which says the customer is allowed to file a case within fifteen days and cancel the ordered item, but must go for another product of the same stock. I did the both and fulfilled your requirements. As far as my shipping address is concerned it is the same and the billing option is cash on delivery. If there will still be any problem then kindly let me know via telephone as given in the address. Hoping to hear good news from your side. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr.Chohan Tara
26 th August, 2017

Request Letter for Issuing Certificate to Implant Training

Request letter for issuing certificate to implant training. Festival Implanting several machineries and offices in different companies is a hectic work as it demands a lot of care and mental plus eye focus to fix the appropriate wires or nuts to the respective machine or server. Imparting its training is a difficult task, but those who wish to facilitate others can use this format in order to place the request for such issuance of certificate from the respective department.

Request Letter for Issuing Certificate to Implant Training

Cause and Effect Societal Organization
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request letter for issuing certificate to implant training

Respected sir,

I am feeling really honoured to have a written talk to you. I wanted
to meet you from the moment I saw your social work in your area and you transformed your vicinity to a greater extend. This is really appreciable of you Sir. I then and there decided to follow your foot steps and plunge into the welfare of the people of my society.

I started my professional career by implanting different devices to different setups. This humble starting of mine gave me enough confidence to start my own implanting training house. In my training house I will train other persons to get themselves acquainted with different structures and its functioning. After learning all the training materials they will then be awarded with certificate of
trainer of implanting by my house of training. In order to issue them such awards I am in need of such certificate from your precious self as soon as possible.

I hope you will take personal interest in my positivity of work and purpose as it is akin to yours as well. Kindly let me know via my contact no. 43- 009876543-44- 2 as I will be waiting for the gleeful tide from you at the earliest.
Thanking in anticipation.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Adam Bede
12 th August, 2017

Request Letter for NOC to Change PhD Guide 

Sample request letter for No Objection Certificate to change in the PhD guide by student. PhD is considered as the highest of education or the completion of one’s educational career, but lack of proper guidance can cost trouble to students of doctorate and to overcome this on the spot changes in guide for PhD is necessary. This format can be used by persons who wished to throw request for change in the guide to PhD.


Request Letter for NOC to Change in the PhD Guide

The Dean,
Ghazia Abad Higher Education University
Ghazia Abad, India.

Subject: Request of NOC Letter to change in the PhD guide by

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much concern and care that I have done my English Literature and after its successful completion with distinction of 4.3 GPA I decided to take admission in PhD so that I can complete my education and serve the nation with all my might of knowledge and intellect.

As it is known fact that languages are always difficult to learn especially when it is not your own language. Same is the case with English and I was happy with my research topic as mandatory in thesis, but the slight deviation in the guide to PhD causes me trouble as I am unable to meet up the expectations of my present guide for PhD. In order to get myself out of this problem I request you to kindly issue me an NOC letter to change the PhD guide.
I need the said NOC letter as soon as possible because on that piece of precious letter rests my future and by having it I can pursue the case to further completion. I will be brimmed with gratification if you resolve my problem at the earliest. Thanking in advance.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Sanaullah Jaffrey,
10 th August, 2017.

Request Letter for Rental Accommodation 

Accommodation request letter to Employer. Getting hired but with no accommodation or office site far from the home is not a good tide to hear. Nearby accommodations serves a great deal of effect on the work quality and boost up energies of the worker which the employer must deem in mind fit for their business as well. The persons who wanted lease/rental accommodation can use this format as supplement.

Sample Request Letter for Rental Accommodation

The Managing Director,
Rhodes and Schwarz Company,
Munich, Germany.

Subject: Request for Rental Accommodation

Respected sir,

It is stated that I am an employee of yours working in your company and it is an honor to work with you. I have been facing certain issue which I cannot resolve on my own that’s why it forced me to share with you. I have an issue regarding my settlement. Sir I have been working here for two months and I am not earning any benefits from my pay because half of my pay is wasted in paying vehicle expenditure. There is enough distance between my home and office area. A lot of time is wasted from getting home to office and parting from office to home. It’s getting vigorous for me to work here anymore in these annoying circumstances.

I am closing all the perquisite document with this application for kind and prompt action. Despite these, If you need any other document kindly feel free to approach me via my contact number 342-98754389.0012 or via my email awz49$ Sir, if you give me rental accommodation then it would be a great help to me. Kindly take an urgent notice of my appeal and make me feel obliged. Thanking in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Jacob Lowe
28 th July, 2017.

Sample Request Letter to Update Machinery

Sample Request Letter to update Machinery in Plant/Unit. As renovation is must for the longevity of house, cutting as vital to plants same is the updating of machinery in the plant or any working unit to enhance the working capacity and life. This letter can help those who need it.

Sample Request Letter to update Machinery

The Chairperson,
Al-McBroom Financing Company,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Subject: Request Letter to update Machinery in Plant/Unit

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be in good health in the steaming heat of Dubai State. I am here with a write up regarding certain points that require your immediate attention. I am here to direct your concentration towards Processing Unit. The machines meant for parching, cleaning, diluting, processing are in worn out conditions and needs in prompt attention. Without the up gradation of such machines the process of making up the product will lag behind.

I have calculated the net amount that will be spent on the machinery. The total amount in upgrading the whole unit of the plant requires $6000 and in order to change and purchase new machinery requires $8000 in total. Now it is up to you which route you will take in the best benefit of the processing unit. The thing to say is that kindly whatever you had made your mind up, do it as soon as possible.

We all members and workers of this unit will appreciate your wise and prompt decision in favour of the unit. We do not waste the time in waiting and then fixing the issues related and mandatory with the complications of the heavy machinery. I have attached all the important documents for the favourable and speedy action. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Rajab Ali
2 nd May, 2017.

Request Letter to issue Baptismal Certificate

Sample request letter to issue Baptismal Certificate. Becoming part of Christianity is a blessing for the Christians whether accepting the religion after convert or it’s a usual ritual of baptizing the newly born. In both the case, so to say, getting baptismal certificate is as important as having birth certificate. Claiming for such documents is prerequisite and must be taken in possession of To Whom It May Concern.

Request Letter to issue Baptismal Certificate

The Issuing Authority,
Baptismal Certification Department,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request letter to issue Baptismal Certificate

Respected Sir,

With due reverence teemed with glee of humility it is to state that I am a convert from my religion into this blessed and sacred religion of Christianity. I am Mr. Lewis Park renamed from Tom Canny. I baptized by Saint John Anthony in the nearby hall of this vicinity. Taking the yellow bath I was purged from my utmost sins and process of my spiritual cleansing took placed.

My birth place is California. The name of my mother is Ms. Stena Canny. The name of my father is Mr. Canny Leo. They both still are not convert. I pray for their early enlightenment as soon as possible so that I can be much happier than now with them as a family. I request you to kindly issue me the baptismal certificate as soon as you can issue. I am much excited to see what I cultivated with my own hands.

All the necessary documents and the charging fee is deposited for prompt and speedy action. I am supposed to put my certificate of baptismal to my new office five days before, but due to an unforeseen reason I am still unable to get the required and the most cherished certificate. You can contact me via my email in order to inform me when to carry the certificate.Thanking in eagerness.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Lewis Park,
14 th July, 2017.

Request Letter to Client for Pay Renewed Taxation

Sample Request letter for requesting client to pay renewed taxation. Official documents are mandatory to keep and especially if it is related to property. Paying taxation on legal properties is incumbent as moral values. Government reserves the right to make any changes in the legal documents without any prior notice. Such letter is helpful for personnel who wish to cater their clients with care.

Request Letter to Client for Pay Renewed Taxation

The Manager
Housing Concrete Company
New Delhi, India

Subject: Requesting Client to pay Renewed Taxation

Respected sir,

I just wanted to take few seconds of your valued time and would like to inform your gracious self that I value you as my dear client and it is really very difficult to have clients as nice as you are that they pay their tax on time without making any fuss in the further proceedings. You are very concerned and particular about paying the right amount of tax in the concerned department.

Regrettably, the government had raised 2% in the property taxation as were in the files under process. Your tax will officially be start from 30 th July, 2017. We would send you a copy of increase in the property tax as per policy for transparency of discourse. You are now supposed to pay the renewed amount of tax of your entire property. You can pay the tax in easy instalments of four months if you deem the renewed taxation as mammoth and unable or find difficulty in paying the tax on the whole in lump sum amount.

All over again, I express thanks to you for paying tax on time and we hope you will continue the same practice in future as well. In case you have any query, you can call me any time on this number of mine: 333-999909632- 13652 during office timings that is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm sharp. Thank you for your concern in reading and bearing the troublesome news of increase in taxation.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Dewed Zaskar
Taxation and Levy Department,
14 th July, 2017.

Request Letter of Changing Filter 

Sample letter format of changing filter. Water is the fundamental need of survival and need of clean water is even more mandatory for human survival. Changing of filter at appropriate time frame does the duty of survival of human sanctity.

Request Letter of Changing Filter

The Chairman,
Legend Brains School System

Subject: Request letter of changing filter in school

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am proud to be a teacher as profession and a part of this marvelous school system. But sir I think this is my duty to inform you about the water cooler filter, I have seen that the filter has not been cleaned and changed from April 2016! It should not be the case in an institution like this which is famous for its godly reputation and cleanliness. I request you to kindly change the filter for the better survival of the young kids in shape of germ free water intake.Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Jacob Freddy,
3 rd May, 2017.

Request Letter of Changing Filter in Office

The Manager,
Elite Lawyer Association,
Buffalo, United Kingdom.

Subject: Request letter of changing filter in office

Respected Sir,

I am care taker of this company and hence responsible of each natty gritty happening in this office when food and water is taken into consideration. It is to state with much humility that the filter of all the dispensers is not changed from the last six months. The taste of water is changed and sometimes it has bad smell as well. The filter is in prompt need of change. I am going to market to buy the necessary items of this office and it is a request from my side to pay me the grant slip of purchasing new filters (seven in number) from the worthy contractor of us. Looking for your positive feedback.


Mr. Thomas Andrew
3 rd May, 2017.

Sample Request Letter to Principal for Avoiding Junk Food in Canteen

Sample Request letter to principal for avoiding junk Food in canteen. Junk food creates problem in children so it must be avoided in the school. Such Letter is a real help for the finding souls.

Sample Request letter to principal for avoiding junk Food in canteen

The Principal,
Brushwood Junior School,
Utter Perdaish, India.

Subject: Request Letter to Principal for Avoiding Junk Food in Canteen

Respected Ms. Sowergh,

How are you Madam? I hope you be chairing your seat with your full potential and efficiency. I heard very good words for you and your dedicated work for the school and to this system as well. Let me introduce myself
that I am father of Mr. Noen Singh who is currently studying in your school in 3 rd standard and section Primrose.

Yesterday he came to home and was having 104 degree temperature! When I dropped him in the school, he was perfectly well and in good health, but when I received him at home after a time period of just 5 hours he was burning.
Well, I took him to the nearby doctor of our vicinity and got him check up. The doctor told me that sore throat is the reason behind. Now, it was my turn to get shocked as we cook in a very low fat oil and avoid unnecessary spices in our daily cuisine and it is not possible that Neon get any sour thing at home.

Today I visited the canteen of this school and to my horror there were plies of sour candies with different names, it had a variety of saucy edibles and near to expire soft drinks. I just wanted your attention towards the health of students and it would only be possible with good and healthy edibles. We do our best at home so it is now your responsibility to play your part in the school by restricting the availability of junk in the canteen. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Laara Singh.
27 th May, 2017.

Request Letter to Chairman for Extra Coaching

Sample request letter to chairman for extra coaching in school. This letter can help those parents who wanted to save their children’s future in save hands.

Request Letter to Chairman for Extra Coaching in School

The Chairman,
Legendary Brilliant School System,
Uttar Perdaish, India.

Subject: Request letter to chairman for extra coaching in school

Honourable Sir,

I pray to Kali Mata, that she give you eternal happiness and inner peace throughout your life. I am grade 15 employee in your magnificent educational system and I saw no shortcomings in this system except the lack of
tuition in the school.

Sir, I came from a very humble family and there are a number of persons with me who has the same belongings. The tuition fee that this system charged us is very reasonable and we all have no issue in giving it as you are very
considerate in the fee structure and the depositing scheme.

My child is not a brilliant star as the term goes with the intelligent and A + scorer, but as a parent I want my child to be named as brilliant star. I went here and there in search of good teacher who can teach my child at home,but I returned home with a sad face as the tuition teachers are not competent and their main purpose is just to grab the money and that is all.

I do not want this to be happened with my child and in a way I talked my grievance with my co-worker and he spread the word. Luckily, many of my colleagues came to me and cried the same issue so we decided to approach you for a very great favour of opening up a new scheme for extra coaching in the school. We are ready to pay for the quality teaching by the qualified teachers.Kindly think on this idea. I will be very thankful to you.

Mr. Raam Lal,
27 th May, 2017.