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Wrong Parking Fine Letter

Sample Wrong Parking Fine Letter. Rules and regulation are made for the safety of everyone. People must follow them to avoid an accident or other uncomfortable situation. If someone found guilty and failed to follow the rules once must be punished to maintain the discipline. Traffic rules are very strict because failure to follow them may lead to major loss and creates problem for other people.

Wrong Parking Fine Letter

The traffic Police Director,
City Traffic department,

Subject: Wrong Parking Fine Letter

Honored Sir,

With guilt and shame, I, Mr. Kelly, am very sorry for parking my car at not parking area. With due respect and honor I would like to ask for apology. I make sure that it would not happen again anywhere in the town. Sir at that time it was really a medical emergency, my mother suddenly got panic attack and in that situation I park my car at wrong area. I understand it created problem for other traffic and constables as well. I take full responsibility of my action and promise you it would not happen again. I know it’s a serious offense, can cause harm to others.
I have paid the fine of wrong parking and submitted the slip in your department, now issued me a clearance letter so that I can pursue other things as well. I am waiting for your action. Kindly issue me a fine clearance letter as soon as possible as I had already mention there is a medical emergency with my mother due to panic attack. I would really appreciate your act.
All details of medical emergency treatment of my mother are enclosed with this letter. If you need any other evidence please contact me. My contact number is 00987890. Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Kelly

Letter to Employee to Waive Off Loan

This is a sample letter to employee to waive off loan. Companies has policies to provide Personal loans to their employees to design their dream home, give their children the best education, make their daughter’s wedding the talk of town, or take that dream vacation with their loved ones or in need of any medical emergencies. They can give loan on easily payable cash installments from their pays and salary on some terms and conditions. Companies also have right to waived off loan on certain criteria.

Letter to Employee to Waive Off Loan

Mr. George
Senior Head Adviser,

Subject: Letter to employee to waive off loan

Dear George!

With great pleasure, we would like to inform you that our board of directors, after reviewing your great performance at job since last 10 years, had decided to waive off your loan of $40,000. Our team as accepted your application of waived off loan from you. All clearance letters would be issued you soon. Please make sure to meet our finance manager regarding your clearance documents by 3.06.18 sharp at 9.00. If you have any other query you can contact our resource manager.
We are waiving off your loan, so you have to sign some new contract with us. In which our utmost demand is; you would not be able to resign from this job for next 5 years. You are bound with our company and if you breach this for any reason you would have to pay all waived off loan with some other legal actions against you. The details of that terms and conditions would mailed you soon, so read them carefully and then sign them.
We wish you best of luck for your future. You can avail all other benefits from our company according to our employee policies. Mr. George! Hopefully, you would continue your work with more motivation and determination.

Yours Truly,
Chief Director
Mr. William Bakes

Letter to Potential Client for New Services

Letter to Potential Client for New Services. With the advancement of technology it is very crucial to introduce your services to potential clients accordingly, it will decrease the dropout ratio of clients. The client’s satisfaction and trust are a key factor that helps the any business holder stand out of the competition. This is a sample written letter for potential clients about the new services.

Letter to Potential Client for New Services

Valued Client
Chicago, USA.

Subject: Letter to Potential Client for New Services

Dear Valued Client,

Upon your extreme requests, we are finally announcing some new services for you in our well reputed hotel. We are introducing excellent quality of banquets Services for wedding receptions, corporate gatherings, birthday parties, shower luncheons, and many more. From now our experienced staff can assist in the planning of your event from color theme, to menu selection, to floor plan design according to your budget and requirements. We would be there to help you in creating an event that will be more memorable to you and to your prestige guests.
We warmly welcome you to our new banquets halls where elegance, beauty and best service is our foremost priority with our love and affection. After great efforts and your suggestions, our banquet halls would contain many amenities that will make your banquet or wedding reception much groovy and entertaining. We will arrange all of your catering needs as well as flowers, photography decoration, audio-visual equipments on your request. The list of services charges and other details would be furnished upon your interest and request.
Hopefully, our new services would meet your highest expectations. One most important thing I would like to mention here is, your feedback rather it’s positive or negative, your valued suggestions, your liking and disliking, are very important to us. Please make sure you would contact us regarding this all.

Yours Truly,

Senior Manager
Mr. Kelvin
John Hotel’s

Motivational Letter to Sales Team

Sample motivational letter for sales team. Success of any organization is directly related with their employee performance and performances of employees are directly related with the motivation, encouragement and praise given to them, by the organization. In sales department sales team plays a crucial role because their dealing with clients leads them to success.

Motivational Letter to Sales Team

The respected team members of sale department
Ready to wear garments for kids
Pep tone textiles, South North

Subject:  Motivational letter to sales teams

Dear Lilly,

With great joy and pleasure!!
We would like to appreciate unremarkable efforts of your team through this letter. Your graph of sales product really meets our estimated target which was no doubt very difficult in that scenario. In our last meeting of June 2018, our director and other board of members really admire performance of your sales team. We are happy to declare 10 percent more bonus to your department, as your department always meet the targeted goals and never let us feel disappointment with your work.
Now we are giving you a new target for next six month. The details of that project will be mailed you via email, and we will soon declare the date of meeting regarding that project with your team. In that meeting you can share your problems and other issues as well and definitely we will facilitate you accordingly. Keeping the performance of the last year in the mind we are very much sure that your department has got the ability to crack the target and would provide some more benefit to the organization. Wish you all the best for this project and waiting for your successful performance this time once again. Definitely on accomplishing this target will lead you towards your promotion and some more bonuses for your team.Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,
Management and Finance Department

Promotional Letter of Services

Promotional Letter of Services. In promoting a business whether its small or large , a valued customers and clients are very important because they uses their product and would be going to buy it again and again in future. They can inform to their loyal clients through many ways about the services and extra features of their product, best way is con contacting them through a email and via a official letter. This is a sample letter how to write the product and services promotional letter to a valued customers and clients.

Promotional Letter of Services

To, Date 7.06.18
The valued client
Mr. William James

Subject: Promotional letter of product to the client

Dear James!

With the great pleasure, hopefully you would be enjoying good health and living a happy life. Mr. James my printing press was established in 1990 with a single room and there were very limited services for my clients. With the passage of time and feedback of my valued clients this press nourishes. Today with extreme pleasure I would like to announce and share that my press is now meeting the international standards and one of the leading press in the world.
Now I am introducing new services and I would like to inform you about that all via letter. These services are;

1- I am providing the services of Printing and variety of designing; full-color printing on a glossy paper to make images explode from the page.
2- I am providing indoors and outdoors both services. As a full-service printing press, I am providing many business-to-business services you might not expect to find beneath one roof anywhere else in this town. Yes, my press prints just about any business form imaginable, but I also provide many collateral sales and marketing services to my regular valued customers.
Thanks and all the best.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Frank
Emirates Printing Press

Sympathy letter to Friend

Sympathy letter to Friend. Writing about road accident is a sensitive issue, its very important to select words carefully, because once has badly injured and going through an extreme pain. Once need a moral, social, financial and physical support at that time. In this grieving and time of loss once would love to be reminded with respect, honor and with affiliations. This is a sample letter of sympathy due to road accident.

Sympathy letter to Friend

Mrs. Sam,
22 Mint Road.
Hint Spain

Subject: Sympathy letter due to road accident

My Cute and Lovely Colleague Sam,

Sam on Wednesday around about 8.00 am in the morning I was on my way towards our institute for my job, as I received a phone call from your husband. He was narrating about incidence of your road accident. At that time it was unbelievable shocking news for me as I found myself lost in unconscious for a few minutes. I stopped driving a car and begin to listen to your husband. I asked about you and he replied now you are out of danger. He narrated your injuries and I was feeling the pain you were going through. For a moment world become darken for me.
That day was one of worst day of my life. I failed to function properly at that day. I felt extreme sorry for you. I was thinking about one day before your accident when we met. You were very happy as you were expecting a baby. Aahh!!!
I just want to say everything happen to us for a good reason. Might God want to see you stronger, although you are strong lady, I have ever met in my whole life. Sam my prayers are with you. May you get well soon, Hoping you would join your job as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Miss Jerry
Date: 8/6/18

Admission Confirmation Letter by Abroad University

Admission confirmation Letter by Abroad University. Acquiring the international education from aboard provides the once to make growth in varies aspects of his personality. The experience once get through the multicultural environment enhance the once thoughts, believe system and make him a unique individual. Easy format of admission confirmation is here.

Admission Confirmation Letter by Abroad University

To,                                                                                                        Date:12.03.2018
Ms Anna Johnny
New Delhi, India

Subject: Admission confirmation Letter by Abroad University

Dear Anna Johnny,

This is Harry from the medical Department of Freed Medical College of China. With reference to your application number 21345 into admission in Medical sciences in freed medical College of China. I am pleased to inform you that you have been offered an admission and peruse your academic education in MBBS (session 2019-2023) as an international candidate. Anna your selection has been based on your grade point average from upper secondary school or the number of credit points from previous university studies. Sorry to say you cannot avail our international scholarship program as you have been not fulfilled our criteria but you can continue your education here as an international candidate. Students from most countries outside the China must obtain a residence permit before coming to China. Acquiring a residence permit can be a lengthy procedure. Please contact the China embassy or consulate in your own country for details.
Anna you are requested to contact the administration department for further process. Your first semester classes will start on 1 st of December. Kindly meet the concerned person for fee structure, and course details, etc. You are among those lucky people who have got the chance to study in such renowned college. We will be looking
forward to your action against this letter and hope that you will contact us as early as possible.

Yours Sincerely,

Harry Mathew
Senior Admin Manager
Freed Medical College of China

Job Confirmation Letter by Abroad Company

Job Confirmation Letter by Abroad Company. Career is most important part of once life. Developing career in own country is great blessing but if once get the opportunity to build career in aboard never miss that because it is very important for your own nourishment and growth. This is a written sample letter for job confirmation by abroad employment.

Job Confirmation Letter by Abroad Company

Mr. David Koll.
Norway, United States

Subject: job Confirmation Letter by abroad company

Dear Mr. David Koll,

Hopefully you are enjoying good health. It’s a great pleasure to inform you that after through the evaluation of your provided documents and your interview via web cam, we like to inform you that you have been selected for the post of “software engineer” in our company. This will be affected from 23.09.2018. First three months would be your probation period and after three months based on your performance you would be selected for the post permanently. After that you would have to sign contract of two years with us. During this job you would be not allowed for other job. Your gross salary would be $85,000 and net salary would be $72,879. Your job timings would be 8 hours per day starting from 8.00am to 4.00pm. You can also avail our bonus policy by working some extra hours. Your salary would be revised annually.
Our other terms and conditions are sending to you via email. Read them carefully and feel free to contact us if you have any query.You can also allow for 30 days paid vacations annually.
If you are interested contact us, as soon as possible so we can secure your post for you and send visa for your job and residential permit to you. Our company is waiting for your joining so come soon. Wish you a best of luck for your future.

Best Regards,

Chief executive
William kales
Date 2.9.2018

Sample Proposal Letter for Catering Company

Sample proposal letter for catering company. Catering is a renowned business of todays’ world and requires a lot of talent, efficiency, mental activeness, knowledge, dealing ability, stamina, sharp and active stance regarding the arrangements and the food linked to it. This format can be used by all who are wanting to get proposal letter for catering company.

Sample Proposal Letter for Catering Company

Mr. Locket Louis,
Carl Lou Cue Consultancy Department,
California, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting proposal letter for catering company

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due reverence that I am Mr. Adam Bede and I am newly settled in the new surroundings of my native land. I came here from Texas, after completing my degree in Hotel management. Food is very important, no doubt, but I believe that how you serve that food, is far more important than food itself. This combination of food and exotic serving mingles up to make catering business.
I had noticed that in my area, which is quite remote one, people only eat food, they don’t enjoy or devour it. They are sightless! I wanted to
educate them that skill of serving is also important as it trigger the hunger and sharpen the appetite which is beneficial in getting better digestion. For this education, I want you to kindly issue me the authority to get proposal letter for catering company.

All the details are enveloped in this application for your kind concern and look. After peeping the observant look, please make a call to me and intimate me with the time, place and date to generate new business. I hope you will show care regarding my catering company. Thank you and looking
forward for a kind action.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Adam Bede,

25 th May, 2018.

Sample Letter for Conduct Training of Sales Executive

Sample letter for conduct training of sales executive. This format is a real help for those who deem it perfect that the heads must be trained first prior to the training of the lower staff or the subordinates. It is beneficial in getting the ambiguity, if any, to be cleared off on the spot. Training programs help in achieving the balanced approach from head to toe…as education is all that matters!

Sample Letter for Conduct Training of Sales Executive

The Dean,
Smirk Sky Highland Company of Copper,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting to conduct training for sales executive

Respected Sir,

Greetings! I hope you will be fine and refreshing yourself in the spout of health and wealth. The reason why I am here is of grave nature, but very necessary to be taken into consideration. I know my space and status, but I deem it justified to say that our sales executives must be trained as well. As you know that these heads are heads just because of their age and there is nothing to do with their experience or entrepreneurial approaches. They are still harping the old, conventional tunes and approaches that is no more working in this modern age where everything is open to everyone. This age is a hard age and should be moulded with care if we want to meet our means in the best possible way. We try hard to get this office to the extent from where it belong, but our policies and designs are frequently rejected by the executives! Kindly schedule the whole training program for the sales executive as they are badly in need of it. Please pardon me for my outspokenness. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Cure Joy,
20 th May, 2018.