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Authorization Letter for Collecting Documents

Sample authorization letter for collecting documents. Human life is busy when it comes to business, job or the things related to it and sometimes in this scenario it becomes entirely impossible to catch up with things which are the most important and collecting of documents is one such thing and for that reason letter of authorization is mandatory. This format can be used by persons who wanted to take guidance.

Authorization Letter for Collecting Documents

The Oedipus Real Estate Firm,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject:  Authorization letter for collecting documents

Respected Sir,

Hello! How are you? I hope you will be fine by the grace of Providence and I wish you eternal blisses and glee for whole of your life and even in the life hereafter. Let me introduce myself, I am Mr. Jacob Andrew, the sitting President of Havens Real Estate cooperation, California.
I had a recent meeting with your chairman on the purchase of commercial plot in West Avenue of ten canals in lump sum amount of 154,000$. It was decided between us to pick up the registration file and paying the said amount by myself. I wished to come to you at my earliest, but I am unfortunate enough of not availing the wonderful time of meeting you for another time. I found you a person amiable and pleasant so I wished to see you at least one more time. But my business schedule is not allowing me to enjoy this feast so, I am sending towards you my manager Mr. Ton Screw in order to collect the precious documents and also to hand over to you pay order of the said amount.
All necessary documents of mine and my manager are sent with this authorization letter as a proof so that this letter of mine could suffice you to the core of your heart. I hope, you will accept my offer of dinner with your family at my place one week from todays. Thanking in anticipation.

Mr. Jacob Andrew,
1 st September, 2017.

Sample Authorization Letter for Medical Care

Sample  Medical Authorization Letter. Employees or employers get in problems sometimes as is very normal in lives of mankind, but this problem is due to their loved ones so they had to take care of themselves as well and wished to demand for authorization of medical care for them. This format can be used by persons who wanted to get the authority letter for their special ones.

Sample Authorization Letter for Medical Care


It is to notify that I am Mr. Ahsan Gill resident of Defense Housing Society. My home address is House no. 36 street no. 8 sector E phase X. My mother named Ms. Salma Raza is a chronic patient of diabetes and recently she had fallen down in bathroom and got her leg fractured. She is suffering double pain as she is diabetic as well and her wounds are getting more than required time for healing. I am a businessman and I had to move in and out of the country for official meetings and conferences or getting new tenders.

It is now becoming very difficult for me to stay back and assist her in her illness so, I am authorizing her medical care to my employee named Mr. Ehsaan Ahmed with national identity card number 3215-764325- 8 and house number 58, street number 34 kaboter pura Lahore. In my absence he will be responsible for my mother’s health and care in medicine and all related issues. In case any issue popped up in my absence, he is allowed to call me or any of my relatives for his help. All the legal documents regarding my mother’s medical care are given to him along-with the contact numbers of my family on need base.

Kareem Enterprises
Lahore, Pakistan.

Authorization Letter for Baptismal Certificate

Sample Authorization letter format for Baptismal Certificate. This format can help the issuing authority of baptismal certificate as in lexical extension in the new format of the certificate.

Sample Authorization Letter for Baptismal Certificate

                          TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Authorization Letter  for Baptismal Certificate

All praises to the God who made us soul of creation. Who accepted us and gave birth to a Christian family. He is the most beneficent as He opened others eyes to see what is truthful. Due to His boundless bounties, people search for true religion and they came to our sacred path. It is always an honour to issue Baptismal certificate for the benefiting souls.

It is to inform you with much gaiety that Mr. John is baptized by Saint Doe David on 10 th July, 2017 (Tenth July, Two thousand and seventeen). The name of his mother is Ms. Liza David. The name of his father is Mr. David Ferry. The child belonged to East Avenue 204 near McDonald. In the vicinity of America. He is now Catholic by religion. The time of his baptism was 3:00 pm sharp. The letter of Authorization of Baptismal Certificate is being issued by Arch Priest Mr. John Medieval Crest.

Note: Any error or omission in this certificate should not be taken as voluntary action, but it can be mere mechanical error in its very nature. Any amendments to be made, if necessary, should be applied within fifteen days along with prior notice in form of written application ten days earlier to the request for change of any form in the certificate. Charging fee for each correction must be submitted within due time frame (provided via email).

Congratulations! Live a free life of Catholic in chains of chastity!


Mr. John Avocado
14 th July, 2017.