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When it comes to your official matters, to write an effective application is the best tool to stimulate the managerial staff. Find the finely written Salary Application here related to Salary Increment, Advance Salary, Salary Revision, Salary Negotiation, Bonuses and many other reasons. Templates for Employees, Teachers, Office Upper and Lower Staff are provided. Find with ease and alter it according to you. Vast range of facile formats for your Official Applications are provided ahead.

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You will find a variety of Generally used Official Applications. One doesn’t need much struggle to find out the formats on internet. All the basic written formats and templates are gathered at single place. Go through them and find the application of your interest. Any query for application would definitely be entertained.




  1. Aman says:

    I want the Application for Morning time relaxation for 15 mints in my job due to drop my nephews to school ,,

  2. ruby says:

    letter format to refund scholarship which came in college bank account
    letter to pricipal

    • DocumentsHub says:

      Dear User,
      Please make your comment clear.

    • DocumentsHub says:

      The Concerned Person,
      Please be informed that I have received the Scholarship from ABC and it is deposited in College’s Bank Account. I want you to kindly provide the specific amount of Rs.00000 to me as I have to provide them with acknowledgement letter. I shall be obliged.

  3. Jutt says:

    i want to personally meet with company MD kindly refer to good letter.

  4. Hammad Mehmood says:

    Please provide with some e-mail format requesting to increase in salary after achieving big order above sales target and also to give commission on sales.


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