Application for College Transfer Certificate

Sample Application for College Transfer Certificate. If any student had transferred his registration to another college due to any reason and not able to continue with the existing college then he/she may require college transfer certificate to take admission in another college. Easy templates are given below.

Application for College Transfer Certificate

The Principal,
Cambridge College.

Subject: Application for College Transfer Certificate

Respected Madam,

With all due respect and regard it is stated that I am not able to continue my current studies in the field of Computer Science in this esteemed college. The reason is that I took admission in Computers upon the verdict of my parents in spite of my lack of interest for this subject. Latterly, I have come to know that I cannot subsist with the subject in future as I find it opposite to my personality. I consider it good to choose the field which matches your interest to pursue a highly rewarding career.

As, it is just the beginning of degree so I decided to take admission in Law College so that I might hard work in the right path for me rather than wasting time on subject which I cannot understand. It is requested that please provide me College Transfer Certificate and my documents so that I can take admission there. I would be obliged for prompt action as I am already late. I shall be extremely beholden.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Obediently,

James Stephen
Roll number: A43.

Application for College Transfer Certificate
Application for College Transfer Certificate

Easy format of Application for College Transfer Certificate

The Principal,
National College of Engineering.

Subject: Request for College Transfer Certificate


It is stated with all esteem and respect, that I cannot continue my on-going degree of Engineering in which I have recently taken admission. It was my utmost desire to study this subject but unfortunately I find it tough. Moreover, I am facing intense problems due to travelling distance from my home. Due to this, I tend to take admission in National College of Arts in Photography which has always been my passion. I request you to kindly issue my College Transfer Certificate which is essential for my admission there. I seek your kind assistance with respect to the matter.

Thanking you I Remain.

Yours Obediently,

Ema Watson.
Reg. no. 998.
Date: 9th August, 2015.


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