Application for Admission Cancellation in School

Application for Admission Cancellation in School.This application may be used by all those students who got themselves enrolled in school but due to some reasons they cannot go to school/College/University and want their admissions to get cancelled and get the refundable fee back. Sample format of application is given below for your convenience.

Application for Admission Cancellation in School Sample

The principal
ABC School,

Subject: Admission Cancellation Request

Dear Madam,

I got myself enrolled in this summer semester for O-levels in your prestigious school. I fulfilled all the requirements and also paid the fee in advance. But now, I am moving to Chicago, USA urgently because my father got business setup there and we cannot miss it because it will be a loss for us as my father has invested a lot of money in it.
Therefore, I request you to cancel my admission and return my advance fee payment so that all the requirements are done duly on time. I would also need a certificate indicating my successful admission in your school so that I have a proof and I do not get any difficulty in getting admitted in the new school.

I will be highly grateful to you for this kind act.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely,

Admission Department

Application for Admission Cancellation in School Sample
Application for Admission Cancellation in School Sample

Sample Letter Format for Cancellation of Admission for School

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much humbleness that I am an army officer and I had gotten my child named Mr. Umer Qaiser admitted in 1 class, but now, shockingly, I had received my posting orders and on the account of it I am moving with my family to the appointed station. Accept my apologies.

Yours Sincerely,
Major Shakeel Qaiser,
24 th January, 2017


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